Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Time Machine, Thank You...

So I was messing with setting up Calendar syncing with an online service, whom will remain nameless. I noticed that my online service had duplicated all of my calendar entries. "Shitty", I thought to myself, "but I can deal". So I decided to delete all the online calendars and re-sync it with my still good iCal. Oh, fine and dandy, until it auto-synced and wiped out all my calendars in iCal! What application integration! "Motherfuckers", I mumbled under my breath. I threw my pen and started to get pissed. Maybe the undo button will work. Well, that brought back one of my calendars, but no data. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" I yelled. A co-worker who is quite smart about troubleshooting asked what was wrong. I explained about this crappy sync and how I lost my calendars and how I wanted to kill someone. She asked, "Do you have any backups?". "Fuck Yeah, I do" I yelled. "Thank you Time Machine!" I restored my calendars from one hour ago! One hour! That's great, how many events could be missing from one hour? Well, luckily I'm not that important of a guy and I only lost one event. So, whoo hoo Time Machine, YMTND.

A side note, I had been using www.icalx.com to publish and subscribe to mine and my wifes calendars and it has worked great. Don't try to fix something that is not broken.

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