Friday, January 28, 2011

Updated BackupRestore Scripts - Beta 0.4

Releasing today are updated BackupRestore scripts for DeployStudio!

The updated scripts now allow you to use the DeployStudio variables field to set the script variables. You can also set them in the script, however the variables field will overwrite any variables set in the script.

You can print the help menu using -h from the command line:
Usage: [ -e "guest admin shared" ] [ -v "/Volumes/Macintosh HD" ] [ -u /Users ] [ -d "/Volumes/External Drive/" ]
BackupRestore Variables:
-e Users to Skip
Must use quotes for multiple users
Default is "guest" and "shared"
You must specify "guest" and
"shared" if your use the argument
-v Target volume
Specify full path to mount point of volume
Default is the internal volume
-u User path on target
Set to path of users on volume
Default is /Users
-d Backup destination
Specify full ath to the backup volume
Default is /tmp/DSNetworkRepository

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Thanks, Enjoy!

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