Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adobe Encore Disc Burning

I've run across an issue in our lab where the Adobe Encore CS5 app failed to burn a DVD of a project. It gives an error of: "OSStatus Error = -5000". According to Google, this is an error that occurs when the filesystem can't write to a particular location.

After running FSEventer to watch where Encore wants to write, I find it trying to log the Video TS Layout inside it's own .app bundle!

When the user has full permissions to write, Encore creates this file: /Applications/Adobe Encore CS5/Adobe Encore

When a user does not have write permissions, Encore complains. There are a couple options to fix this;
1) Give the world write privileges
chmod o+w DualLayerVideoTSLayout.log

2) Change the group to your standard users group

chgrp staff DualLayerVideoTSLayout.log

or my favorite...

3) Symlink the log file to tmp
ln -fhs /tmp/DualLayerVideoTSLayout.log /Applications/Adobe Encore CS5/Adobe Encore

So if you ever run into Adobe Encore CS5 failing to burn, check this log out!


RikkWolf said...

Are these commands you must input into terminal? I'm missing something... :(

Rusty Myers said...


Yes, they are Terminal commands. The easiest may be #3, since it includes full paths you can simply copy and paste it into the terminal.

Hope this helps!