I am currently enrolled at Penn State University World Campus in Information Sciences and Technology. My completed courses are:

Spring 2012
IST 110: Information, People and Technology
    The use, analysis, and design of information systems and technologies to organize, coordinate, and inform human enterprises.

IST 111S: Seminar in Information Sciences and Technology
    Introduction to academic requirements, career planning, and information literacy for students majoring in the College of Information Sciences and Technology.

MATH 21: College Algebra I
    Quadratic equations; equations in quadratic form; word problems, graphing; algebraic fractions; negative and rational exponents; radicals.

Summer 2012
CMPSC 101: Introduction to C++ Programming
    Properties of algorithms, languages, and notations for describing algorithms, applications of a procedure-oriented language to problem solving.

ENGL 015: Rhetoric and Composition
    Instruction and practice in writing expository prose that shows sensitivity to audience and purpose.

Fall 2012
IST 210: Organization of Data
    Introduction to concept of databases including the storage, manipulation, evaluation, and display of data and related issues.

MATH 022: College Algebra II
    Preparatory course intended to provide mathematical background in algebra with a function/graph emphasis required in calculus courses. Linear, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs provide necessary models for mathematical applications.

Spring 2013
BI SC 002: Genetics, Ecology, and Evolution
    The study of how living organisms inherit their traits, how plants and animals evolved, and how they now interact.

IST 220: Networking and Telecommunications
    Introduction to digital network topologies; transmission media, signal modulation, digital packet switching and routing, systems integration, communications management, and security.

Fall 2013
SPAN 001: Elementary Spanish I
    Audio-lingual approach to basic Spanish; writing.

MATH 110: Techniques of Calculus I
    Functions, graphs, derivatives, integrals, techniques of differentiation and integration, exponentials, improper integrals, applications.

Spring 2014
SPAN 002: Elementary Spanish II
    Audio-lingual approach to basic Spanish continued; writing.

STAT 200: Elementary Statistics
    Descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, probability, binomial and normal distributions, statistical inference, linear regression, and correlation.

Fall 2014
ECON 002: Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
    Methods of economic analysis and their use; price determination; theory of the firm; distribution.

SPAN 003: Intermediate Spanish III
    Audio-lingual review of structure; writing; reading.

Spring 2015
CAS 100B: Effective Speech
    Principles of communication, implemented through group problem solving, with some attention to formal speaking and message evaluation.

IST 230: Language, Logic, and Discrete Mathematics
Language, Logic, and Discrete Mathematics (3) Introduction to formal languages, mathematical logic, and discrete mathematics, with applications to information sciences and technology.

Fall 2015
ENGL 202C: Effective Writing: Technical Writing
    Writing for students in scientific and technical disciplines.

IST 240: Introduction to Computer Languages
    Introduction to the specification and application of languages and language paradigms that interact with computers.

Spring 2016
PHOTO 100: Introduction to Photography
    An introduction to the aesthetics, history, and science of photography including practical and critical approaches to the art of photography.

HIST 20: American Civilization to 1877
     An historical survey of the American experience from its colonial beginnings through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Fall 2016
CAMS 025: Greek Civilization
      The origin and development of the ancient Greek people; their political and social institutions, public and private life.

IST 301: Information and Organizations
      Overview of organizational structures and functions. Includes information processing and analytic perspectives of organizations.

Spring 2017
ARCH 100: Architecture and Ideas
      General introduction to world architecture, emphasizing the relationship between concepts, philosophies, values and ideologies in shaping the built environment.

OLEAD 100: Introduction to Leadership
      This course introduces key leadership concepts and practices based on current theory and research. It is designed to help students to discover the knowledge and skills that are characteristic of effective leaders.

Fall 2017
ASTRO 100: Astronomical Universe
      The development of modern understanding of the astronomical universe from planets and stars to galaxies and cosmology.

CAMS 045: Classical Mythology
      Introduction to Greek and Roman divinities, heroes and heroines; survey of the major myths and their influence on Western culture.

IST 302: IT Project Management
      Exploration and application of the basic concepts, methodologies, and tools of project management in the field of information sciences and technology.
Effective: Summer 2003

Spring 2018
OLEAD 409: Leadership Development: A Life-Long Learning Perspective
       In this course, we will discuss the authentic transformational leadership development from a lifespan developmental perspective. More specifically, we will discuss how an individual can develop his or her leadership skills, potential, and capacity in childhood, school, social organizations, colleges, and work organizations, etc.

IST 331: Foundations of Human-Centered Design
      Interdisciplinary survey of topics and methods related to the human-centered design use and usability of information systems.

IST 495: IST Internship
       Supervised on or off-campus, nongroup instruction including field experiences, practica, or internships. Written and oral critique of activity required.

Fall 2018
IST 420: Fundamentals of Systems and Enterprise Integration
        Introductory course on integration of information technology into different venues, including the planning, development, and implementation of the integration.

OLEAD 464: Communication Skills for Leaders in Groups and Organizations
       Theory-and research-based communication skills for leaders dealing with work-related problems in contemporary groups and organizations.

Spring 2019
IST 421: Advanced Enterprise Integration: Technologies and Applications
      Enterprise integration focuses on system interconnection, data interchange, process modeling and reengineering, and distributed computing environments.

KINES 82: Action Methods for Stress Management
       Achieving wellness by studying the effects of stressors on systems of the body and effectiveness of activity to relieve stress.

OLEAD 465: Collective Decision Making
      Application of theories of decision making to work-related issues in groups and organizations requiring collective resolution and action.

Fall 2019
IST 402: Emerging Issues and Technologies
    Introduction to emerging issues, technology forecasting and analysis; overview of emerging issues and leading technologies in IST and how they impact information systems, users, the IT labor force and society.

IST 242: Intermediate & Object-Oriented Application Development
    Intermediate application development including algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented concepts.

IST 440: Information Sciences and Technology Integration and Problem Solving
    Problem-based approach to technology integration by focusing on real-life problems faced by an organization.

CHEM 5: Kitchen Chemistry
    An elementary discussion of the chemistry associated with foods and cooking.

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