Service Discovery Toolkit (DHCP/BSDP) - Check for DHCP and NetBoot sets remotely without interrupting the user or rebooting the computer.

BackupRestore - Scripts used with DeployStudio to backup and restore users automatically.

TSM Backup Check - Script to check backup status and provide results to users.

PSU Idle Logout - Application to log out idle users after specified period of time.

AutoAppStore - Scripts that can automatically capture AppStore packages for distribution.

QnA GUI - Swift GUI App to interact with BigFix QnA command line tool.

rustymyers GitHub Repo - Where most of my scripts are stored

Warranty2 - (Depreciated) Script to check the warranty of Apple computers.


Saving Time with Software Packaging - Tri-fold pamphlet on benefits to using software packages.

Why packaging software is the panacea for IT administrators' software woes! - Problem and solution paper on software packaging for IT admins.

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