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Over the past few years I've had the pleasure of working on different projects. Each project came about in a different way and for a different function, but I enjoyed them all!

The macOS Service Discovery Tool is a Python 3 script that formats DHCP Request and BSDP Inform packets, broadcasts them on the local network, and then reports the responses without interrupting the default network service. The responses provide insight into the DHCP and NetBoot services clients are able to reach, which can be helpful when migrating to DHCP and NetBoot services from static IP addresses. The script writes a plist to /Library/Preferences/ by default.

macOS Service Discovery Tool - Report DHCP and BSDP network responses.

Idle Logout is a Xojo application designed to log out users after a specified period of time. The user will see a prompt with a countdown asking them if they wish to log out or continue working ("More Time"). Users can disable the Idle Logout process using the "Disable Idle Logout.applescript". Admin users and Remote Control (VNC/ARD over port 5900) will block the logout process unless preferences are changed in the plist. Custom messages can be displayed and an optional script can be run before a user is logged out.

IdleLogout - Application to log out users after a specified period of time.

The Warranty2 script was built upon the work of Scott Russell from University of Notre Dame, Joseph Chilcote of Adobe, and Gary Lariza of Puppet. It combines work that I have done, as well as Nate Walck and Nathan Felton. The scripts can be automated to report on the warranty status of Apple Computers. Over the years, the script has grown to include features such as batch processing of csv files and exporting to many different formats. Unfortunately these scripts were broken due to server changes Apple made. This is left in place for posterity.

Warranty2 - Script to check the warranty of Apple computers.

Backup/Restore was an idea I had to automate the imaging of computers while retaining user data. Using DeployStudio and the Backup/Restore scripts, an Apple computer can backup all of the users data, have a new OS installed (complete with updates and new applications), then restore the users data! It's also great for backing up user accounts before routine maintenance as a precaution. While the scripts were designed to be used with DeployStudio, they could also be used independently.

BackupRestore - Scripts used with DeployStudio to backup and restore users automatically.

The TSM Backup Check script uses bash scripting and AppleScript to scan the logs of the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) backup software and report on the backup status. Users can have the script run at a specified time, or whenever they'd like, to check their backup status. The TSM Backup Check script is wrapped in a convenient app for accessibility.

TSM Backup Check - Script to check backup status and provide results to users.

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